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Nazar Studs

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According to popular Turkish belief a dark look has the power to inflict misfortune on a person or property. The amulet of the Nazar is believed to absorb these foreboding energies. Enameled with deep blue and bright white, the eye design is a mimicry of the blue eyes that ancient Turkic peoples associated with witchcraft and sorcery. The bead’s design takes this magical power, and turns it into a protective force.


Enamel work,certified recycled sterling silver. Earring dimension 7mm x 9mm.

 Caring for your jewellery

Tarnishing is a normal chemical reaction in silver, that is intrinsic to the material. To prevent tarnishing, simply wear your silver often - interestingly this helps to keep it clean.

Chemicals in water can cause some unpreventable reactions. Immersing your piece in water voids any guarantees offered at the time of sale. Many customers wear silver in water which ages the look of the piece slightly. If you are happy to have a more antiqued and less "as new" sheen to your piece, you may wear it in water, while exerercising your best judgement.

If you do experience some tarnishing you can use a bit of silver polish to remove the tarnish from the item. Just a tiny amount with a soft cloth is enough.