About us

Beije | Beige 
A play on words. 
a pale sandy fawn colour. 
Origin - french 
mid 19th century (denoting a usually un-dyed and unbleached woollen fabric of this colour): from French, of unknown ultimate origin.
A curation of timeless fashion. 
Calm, classic, minimal. It is a place you can come to find quality pieces to add to your home or wardrobe. We pride ourselves in sourcing a collection of effortlessly beautiful, simple & luxurious labels that use only the finest fabrics & textures to carry you through the day & night feeling fabulous. 
Beije Store was created with inspiration pulled from the love of a simple lifestyle and the desire to encourage purchasing quality pieces you hope to have for years to come. With that, we bring you a small curation of our favourite labels.  
We live with an understanding of the importance in looking as good as you feel. We prioritise finding our customers relaxed yet elegant pieces that last a lifetime. 
We have found you everything from the perfect piece of jewellery to compliment any outfit, to a classic shirt that takes you from the beach to dinner. 
We hope you enjoy treating yourself with the pieces we have chosen.